Evolution chair

Evolution Meditation Chair

After many years of research we are very pleased to  present our newest offering for comfortable  sustained sitting The Evolution Meditation Chair !  Its modern ergonomic design is Zen like in its simplicity and function and represents the latest in sitting comfort !


On the Evolution Meditation Chair  the feet are placed on the ground in front of the chair thus releasing the lower back and hips to relax in their natural upright position. The knees and lower legs are supported by the chair to relieve any pressure on the feet and ankles, while the footrest provides a comfortable cushioning from the floor. A shorter back rest provides the perfect support needed to relax into meditation while still allowing the upper back the freedom to move and adjust.

The Evolution  Chair is made from laminated layers of wood to achieve its form fitting curves ! It is then covered with a long lasting foam and upholstered in vegan leather for the most comfortable sitting experience available. At less than 20 lbs it can easily be moved or taken with you on retreat.


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