Serenity Meditation Chair

  • The Serenity Meditation Chair, formerly known as the Seagrass Meditation Chair, is our original and still most popular chair. The Zen like simplicity and armless feature allows for maximum freedom of movement as well as making it relatively light weight when moving or carrying to an event.


The front of the seat of the Serenity Chair drops 3 inches from its sides to the middle to allow the feet to rest comfortably below the knees. The rear of the seat remains level to raise the hips above the legs. The straight back of the chair provides excellent upright support not found on most chairs. The feet can be tucked up on the chair as shown or simply placed on the ground in front.




The Serenity Meditation chair comes standard in either Natural or Espresso finish with either Cream or Flax cotton canvas cushion covers that remove for easy washing. The filling of the cushions is all natural kapok for firm comfortable support.

premium Colors

In addition to the standard colors for an exquisite  custom look you may now upgrade to one of three premium Cashmere covers in either Sandlewood, Chestnut, or Moss !

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